About Us

Personalized care with YOU in mind...

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to create a healthcare environment that is warm, caring, and therapeutic – where no patient feels rushed and each patient feels they have the time they need with their personal physician.  In order to provide care in this manner, each physician will limit the number of patients they care for in order to offer a more personalized, attentive focus on your health.  Ours is a membership-based medical practice.  We encourage you to read more about becoming a member.

Our Philosophy

I recall how I received care when I was a child and the type of relationship I had with my family doctor.  If I was too ill to go to the office, my doctor came to my home.  When I called, the staff personally answered the phone and could accommodate my need to be seen the same day.  When I arrived at the office, the receptionist and nurse knew me by name and I never had to wait long to be seen.  My doctor took the time to know me and address all my questions about my care.  This is our vision for how our doctors want to deliver care to you and more importantly how you, the patient, should receive your care.